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The Experiment Was A Success; Status Report At T-minus 2 Days

I is genius!
On the home front, I still have one (half) bin of garbage to toss out unless we find some more, which I highly doubt.    The only things left to pack are pretty much stuff that will have to wait until the last minute (food, dinnerware, the telephone, clock, cables from the TV and computer, etc.).  I've taken everything we had hanging on the walls off, but still have some nails in the combination dining room/ kitchen that I'm going to have to wait until we remove the boxes that are piled in front of the window which is under them (the nails, that is).  I still have to call to get gas/water/electricity turned on, but, other than that, my day today (the 23rd) should be fairly free.  My brother-in-law and a couple of nephews (from my wife's side) should be coming from Los Angeles sometime Friday (night?) to help us get the truck, load it, and move our stuff there and we've already cleared a space for them in the living room for them to sleep.  Then the fun begins all over again with unpacking and getting settled in.
My brain, meanwhile, is still in that weirded-out zone between "Wow!  Are we finally going to do this?" and "AUUUUUUUUGH!  Do we really want to do this?".

EDIT: Just had a scary moment when I heard something fall in the kitchen.  Turned out to be just the ironing board which was leaning against the refrigerator sliding down.

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