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5 Days To Go... & I Sometimes Wonder Whether We're Throwing Away More Than What We're Keeping

Beyond that, not much to write about.  Just another day of throwing more stuff out and packing.  Tomorrow (or, that is, later today) ought to offer a bit more variety, if not excitement.  Have to cancel one doctor's appointment for my wife which was supposed to happen in March and confirm a change of service with the phone company.  Other than that, it looks like more packing and... well, there doesn't appear to be much left that we're planning on throwing away.  Of course, it might well turn out that not everything fits on the truck, but I don't foresee having that problem.  On the other hand, most people who that has happened to probably thought the same way ahead of time.  So it may well turn into one of those cases of "oops, time to go to plan 'b'"- that is, if there is a plan 'b'.

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