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Trash, Trash, & MORE TRASH!

I suppose one consequence of moving is that it's forced us to become a little less materialistic as we simply won't have enough room where we're moving to to keep all the stuff we've managed to accumulate here (not to mention that we'd prefer not to move a whole bunch of stuff we no longer want- or at least not enough to pack it up and move it with us.  Thus, it seems like every time I've gone to empty the (quite large) bin of garbage into the dumpster, it's only back in the apartment for a few seconds before it's full again.  And that's not even including everything that we've given away (such as my *sob* approximately 5000 comic book collection (NOTE: if you ever want to get a huge response to a CraigsList ad, simply add the words "1000's of free comic books" somewhere in the title*]).  Even though I posted the ad at about 2:00 a.m., I got about 20 replies within minutes and at least 100 all told, although a few of them were actually interested in the free furniture I was giving away as well)..
Which brings me to a (AFAIK) new proverb: "Man** who want to know how much trash he have should try moving".

* N.B.:It's probably advisable, if not more honest, to first have 1000's of comic books that you're willing to give away though..  Just saying.
** Not trying to be sexist here, it's just that proverbs traditionally begin with "Man".  Anyone who wants to spread this proverb and feels more comfortable with using "Person" or even "Woman" has my official permission to do so.

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