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One Week To Go... And Then We're Off To L.A.

I'm currently on vacation and plan to move with my wife to Los Angeles next week (February 25) to an apartment that's only a couple doors down from where her sister lives.  We're pretty much all packed up, but have a few more things that we're still have to get to.  I've called the utility companies to shut off service here.  Still have to find out which company is supposed to supply gas and electric down there, as well as make an appointment to get internet connected.  I'm also still waiting to find out whether I'm going to have a job down there at HomeTown Buffet.  I currently work at the one in Salinas and have been with the company for almost 13 years, but evidently, that's not enough to assure me that they're going to let me work there.  I'm just going to what I always do, though: the best I can and after that, not worry about it (not that I'm claiming that that's always as easy to do as to say).

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