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5 Things I Won't Miss About Salinas...

Okay, so I could only come up with 3, but I'm pretty sure it was up to 5 a couple of days ago.  So I might update the page if I remember the others.

3. Water On, Water Off
Sometimes, I would wonder if manager of our apartments was channeling Mr. Myagi.  While not as common as they were when we first moved in, water outages would still occur about once or twice a month- usually just before I was getting ready for work (IOW, just about to take a shower).

2. The Overhang Hangover
The upper level of the apartments had a landing which led to the individual apartments.  Some of the children that lived there thought this was the perfect place to ride their bikes and/or big wheels.  Some of the tenants underneath (such as myself), however, had a different opinion of the suitability of the landing for such a purpose considering the amount of noise it made.

1. The Crosswalk Of DOOM!
While it looks quite peaceful on a Google map, the reality was that the crosswalk at Sorrentini and Natividad Avenue was a death trap more often than not.  Making it worse were drivers going north and, seeing a red light at East Laurel Drive, would slow down enough that they wouldn't pass the crosswalk soon enough for a pedestrian to cross after them, but go fast enough that he or she couldn't pass in from of them.  NEWSFLASH: Yes, there is a reason why the city painted those two white lines crossing from one side of the street to the other side and placed those yellow signs with a black figure that looks suspiciously like someone trying to cross the street.

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