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This Is The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance...

The day has come... that is, if everything with the moving truck works out as we hope/expect.  Problem is, I have a debit card, but no license, and my brother-in-law has a driver's license, but no credit card.  Now, if only the rental place will accept a debit card, we should be o.k.  Otherwise, I might have to go to the bank, withdraw some money, and hope they accept that instead.  While I realize they have to be security conscious about who they rent the trucks out to, I would think we would have enough identification among us to establish our identities.  Odd on how the whole move might be jeopardized by such a small detail.  And I have no idea what we're going to do if we don't get the van.
The bathroom looks weird in a spartan sort of way.  The only things of ours left in at the moment are some soap, a towel, and some toilet paper.  There's also a bit of an echo in there now, but we're not planning on taking that with us.
If nothing else, we got rid of a lot of trash.  Hopefully, a few prayers and/or some fast talking will be enough to see us through this difficulty.  Anyway, my brother-in-law and nephews should be here in a few hours.  Que sera, sera.

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