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"We accept quality blog that are in English only and please submit titles and descriptions in English only."

The irony of the above is that it should be :"We accept quality blogs...."  Sad to say that's hardly the only "English" error on the blog directory submission page, such as numerous "We not"'s, "All payment is life time inclusion", and "$5.99 (Before Price Up!!!)",  And to add insult to injury, this is one of the few directories that I've seen that doesn't offer free submissions (and I have a list of at least 12 that don't,. although a few require reciprocal linking), to which I can only add that I hope their service is better than their language skills.
As for the move, we've run into a bit of a snag.  It appears that my brother-in-law's vehicle isn't up to making the trip here and back.  I was considering renting a car, having him drive it up here, and then have him drive the van back while one of his sons drives the car back (it's not like all five of us would fit in the van), but, unfortunately, neither of his sons has a driver's license.  It looks like we'll have to rent the car, fill the van, and send one of his sons and my wife via bus or train.  Adds a bit of cost to the move, but I don't see any viable options out there.

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